Do I really need a wedding website?

Within 18 hours of my fiance’s proposal, I had bought a URL, web hosting service and set up a landing page for our wedding website.


Contrary to what that implies, I was not an overeager bride with a wedding plan ready to execute the moment he popped the question. My excuse is simply my job: I’m a digital marketer. Out of all things I didn’t yet know about wedding planning, I knew that at some point, I wanted a wedding website. Here’s a couple of things I wish I had thought through first.

So, what’s the point of a wedding website?

Not every couple needs a website. And you most likely will not need a website less than a day after getting engaged. (In fact, your friends will probably laugh at you for this or at least text back a million LOLs when you send them the URL. Trust.) But a wedding website is great for a few reasons:

  • A website gives guests a place to get information about the wedding. Maybe you see/text/email your guests that they have no q’s about the event. For me, because the wedding is in NYC and the majority of guests live on the West Coast or out of the country, I was deathly afraid of lack of communication (my job, after all).
  • Putting information on the website saves on extra cards for the invitations. Most traditional invitation suites include an enclosure card for directions and one for RSVP.  By putting all those details online, we saved on all the extra costs: about $2.50/invite or $325 total!
  • It’s a fun and creative outlet to tell your story as a couple. Since our guests are geographically scattered, many haven’t spent much time with us as a couple. I’m hoping that the site gives all our guests, but those ones in particular, a better sense of who we are as a couple.

What should your budget be for a wedding website?


Okay, so here’s where I have a few regrets.

First of all, there are a lot of online wedding services (Zola, TheKnot, WeddingWire) that let you build a wedding website for free. I wanted something more sophisticated and customizable (because, again, this is what I do for a living) so I went with Squarespace.

It cost $158 to buy the domain and web hosting for a year. And therein lies the mistake of pulling the trigger too early. Because our wedding date is a full 15 months after the proposal (aka when I impulse bought the wedding website), I need to renew the subscription in June, doubling the cost to $316. An avoidable line item on a very long list of wedding expenses, unfortunately.

If you are spending on a custom wedding website, learn from my mistake and wait until you’re less than a year out from the wedding to launch your site. After all, for all the reasons listed above, your wedding website is most useful to guests and they only know they’re guests after they get the invitation!

Did/do you have a wedding website?

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