#WednesdayWisdom: Horoscopes, ballerina haters and mental health

Between the snowstorm (!!!) that kicked off the week and the gray skies today, this week has been pretty rough… but this post is titled #WednesdayWisdon not #WednesdayWhining or #WednesdayWeather, so let’s get to the links.

This week, I’ve found wisdom from my monthly horoscope (shout out to my fellow Taurus friends!) and how ballerina Misty Copeland handled an online hater. And I found two “How To” articles on very different money management issues.

  • Do you regularly read your horoscope? Much as I love science and evidence-based information, I lovelovelove reading my horoscope. According to Refinery29, change is on its way of me (and other Taurus) but “it’s best to sit with the inner thoughts you find and see what resonates with you.”
  • How would you deal with this hater? Trolls are a fact of life for anyone with an online presence, especially if you’re famous. You can fight them, you can ignore them or you can take the high road. And that’s what American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland did in her reaction to criticism of her Swan Lake performance: I’m happy to share this because I will forever be a work in progress and will never stop learning. 
  • Have you thought about the mental health effects of being in debt? When you think about it, the stress of worrying about money is just like all other stress: it affects your overall mental wellbeing. In The Cut, writer Kristin Wong provides some practical tips for mental health toll of being in debt.
  • Are you looking for new techniques to save money? I’m pretty skeptical of articles with titles like “5 Ways to Save Money” because they usually go into basics like setting a budget. In this listicle, a Buzzfeed author summarizes habits she incorporated over the course of a month. I love the idea of estimating weekend spending each Friday and might try it out this month.

What bits of wisdom have you read this week?
Let me know in the comments!

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